Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Cold Tuesday

Hey, sorry I do not have time to check up on the blog and post a review of a book, but I thought I would stop in and say that it is freezing. I have to march in a Christmas parade tonight for band, so wish me luck! It was snowing while we were practicing today. :(

Monday, November 29, 2010

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

While the story told in Crank and the other two books in the series, Glass and Fallout, is a very dark and serious one, the books are still very good. They show more realistically the descent into drug use than any other book I have ever read on the topic, even Go Ask Alice. They show what terrible things drugs can do to you and, in the end, offer hope.
This is actually probably my favorite book. It was my first novel written in verse, and I really like the way that the words flow. Since I picked up a copy of Crank at a Barnes and Noble, I have read the rest of Ellen Hopkins books and they are all absolutely fantastic. When Fallout, the final book in the Crank trilogy, was getting ready to be published, I could not wait for September 14 to come, and I read the book in a few days time. I would highly reccomend the Crank series to any reader, even if you do not like poetry. You will love it, I am sure. Pick up a copy at the bookstore, borrow it from a friend, or even buy it. It is one-hundred percent worth every penny.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello, this is the first post on A Teen's Reads. I will discuss what books I am reading with this blog and post mini reviews on them. For this post, I will not be talking about any book, but I just thought that I would send a warm welcome to everybody who checks out the blog!