Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz

I've 'rode' these books from the beginning to the end, starting in sixth grade. (You see what I did there, don't you?) In my honest opinion, they kept getting better as each one came. Alex grew, and with him, the threats grew as well.

Although Alex had many enemies, his biggest enemy was Scorpia, which stood for Sabotage, Corruption, Intelligence, and Assassination. He's forced them down before, but they won't stay down for long. The first part of the book is written through Scorpia's point of view, and, I won't lie, it was written so well that I actually wanted them to succeed. The second half, of course, is Alex. He is sent by M16 to live and attend school in Cairo. They tell him that all he must do is check out a school in Cairo. He finds out that his mission is much bigger than that.
Horowitz did something new with this one! Jack Starbright and Mr. Smithers joined Alex on his mission, because, honestly, all he was doing was going to school, right? I love how Horowitz incorporates the two characters and makes you meet them in a new way.
The end of this book will have you wondering: Who is REALLY the enemy?


  1. I have this huge urge to reread the series. I haven't read it in so long! Thanks for the reminder. :D

  2. They are so incredibly good! Love it.


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