Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why I Write - A Guest Blog by Josie Escobar

It’s always important to know why you write and why you want to write. This helps gaining more confidence within your own writing because no matter what you write, you know why you wanted to in the first place. Once you know why you write, you’ll discover your writing voice and the difference you want to make through your own work. You’ll open just a million more doors.

I write for interesting meaning and understanding, 
I write so people can be affected by my words, not for people to expect happy endings.
I write so I can discover something completely different and original about a subject, 
I write what people don't see, feel, or understand.

I write the story that wants to be written.

I write so that the musical words could mean something completely original, 
I write for the readers to be shocked in a heartbeat, a single thumping.
I write so the arrow can strike right in the center, then burn down the crumbling, black, target.
I write because sorrow doesn't need an ending, 

I write because we do.

I write so that the floating angels and burning flames can appear to be the most beautiful thing on earth, 
I write because I'm not commonly different, 
I write to make sure my soul is still living, 
I write with everything inside of me so I can let go of every living fume I've taken in, 
I write so that a flower could have a living heartbeat, 

I write because there are no limits.

I write so reality could be magic in its own way, 
I write to make readers cry of sadness, happiness, and longing.
I write so that a part of me can stand out more powerful
I write to make the most beautiful things, create its inner fire, and make that beauty worth it.
I write to tell people joy and happiness will not always due for justice in reality.

I write to clench at people's hearts and launch them in the gutter, 
so that life itself can escape its limits.

Thanks for guest blogging, Josie!
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