Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day/The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Well, we have a freaking SNOW DAY today! Which feels very good--to be lying in bed while other suckers are at school! Haha! Anywho, this gives me a perfect chance to give an update, so without further ado...

I finished reading this book with the Teen Readers Book Club which I lead over at Goodreads.com. I haven't heard one bad reaction from it. Everybody loved it.

Thomas wakes up in an elevator lift and remembers nothing but his name. When the doors open, there are boys all around him. They explain things to him--where he is, etc., but they never really answer his questions. Some accuse him of being evil, saying that they saw him when they had memories that come after being stung by the Greivers--terrible machine-like creature created, it seems, only to kill them. But basically, everything falls into normalcy. Until a girl comes out of the elevator two days later.

Boys have always arrived in the elevator. There has always been a month before another boy. Everything's off. And the girl is in a coma! Thomas soon finds out that he has a connection with the girl.

Leaving seems impossible--they are surrounded by a maze that is seeming unsolvable--and by the end of the book, the boys and girl almost give up hope, until they find the secret of the maze.

Dashner's book is one of those I couldn't put down. It was incredible.

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