Friday, February 11, 2011

Beastly by Alex Flinn

With the Teen Readers Book Club over at, we are reading Beastly throughout February. I finished it a little early so that I could read more books on my personal list. There were things I loved, things I didn't like so much, and things I hated.

Kyle Kingsbury is not a good guy. He lives for himself and nobody else, treating women like objects. When he is nominated for Homecoming King (was it homecoming? Correct me if I'm wrong--it's been a while), a girl calls him out on it. When he fakes an appology later, he asks the girl to go to the dance with him. But it's all a lie. When some people realize how he is, somebody turns him into what his inner self is--a beast.

Positives: Pretty good story, interesting enough characters, and something small yet unexpected at the ending.
Negatives: TypeOhs (maybe it was just the version I read, but there were lots of them.), unrealistic situations (Of course, it IS a fantasy, but come on...), and a few others that would give stuff away.

Read Beastly at your own risk. The typohs and other negatives made the book seem a little bit unprofessional to me. But that's just me.


  1. agreed! hard to read sometimes, gets pretty annoying, right?

  2. I know! It's like, does he even have an editor?

  3. lol but maybe it was just because it was an online edition, you know?


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