Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fade by Lisa McMann

I finished the entire trilogy earlier (expect a Gone review soon) and I felt like Fade, the second book, was the strongest, most exciting, and overall the best book in the series.

In Fade, McMann continues Janie's story as a Dream Catcher.
Now working for the police, Captain Fran Komisky gives Janie a tough assignment: to catch the sexual predator that is working at Feildridge High. The police had been tipped off by an accidental call. The only words they picked up were fucking teachers, fucking students.
So Janie, much to Cabe's chagrin (I've always wanted to use that one XD ), takes the assignment. She closes in on a few suspicious personalities. Captain also gives her instructions to help her get closer to the teachers.
As the story goes on, the plot thickens and takes one twist that will keep you thinking. This book was a fun, fast read that I really enjoyed, even more than the first or third book. The story drags you in and forces you to keep reading until you start Gone.
Again, the writing is the same as the first book, and I can see where that would annoy you. But I think that the story is a good one.

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