Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gone by Lisa McMann

Gone is the final book in the Wake Trilogy.

After the way that I liked Fade, I was excited to start reading Gone. The thing is, this one moved much slower to me. I've read reviews saying that this is the best of the trilogy. I disagree. The writing is the best, the story is the worst. That's my opinion.
Anywho, the story begins after Janie's graduation, when her and Cabel go on a little trip. Well, of course this is a book so nobody can just enjoy a trip, and they are unexpectedly forced to come home when Janie finds out that her friend had to drive Janie's mother to the hospital. When she gets there, she learns that it is not her mother who is sick, but somebody else.
Janie gets closer to this character, even though the person can't wake up. She visits the house and begins to find out a secret about the new character... And that maybe isolation wouldn't be as good as she thinks. Or...would it? Janie can't decide.
Basically, this book was the worst of the series to me because I crave adventure. This book just seemed dull and weak. I think that the final book in any series should be the strongest, and that was not the case for this one.

BTW, shoutouts to everybody who found my blog through blogger lift this week, and be sure to check out In Between Writing and Reading for my interview with Jude. It was really fun.

Anyway, I need a shower real bad. I'm gone. (See what I did there?)

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