Monday, August 1, 2011

A Rant on Spoilers

So, I'm not reviewing a book right now, I just need to get something off my chest.
The WORST thing ever is when I'm looking at books on the internet, which I do on a daily basis, and I read something about a book that I plan to read soon that totally blows the ending. And the question I have is: Why do you feel the need to blow the ending for everybody else, just because OMG IT MADE ME CRY SO HARD WHEN THIS HAPPENED! Because now, when I read the book, I'm just going to be reading the entire thing knowing what happens at the ending, making it less enjoyable.
And it'd be different if it was on the page for the book on the author's website, where it warns that there might be spoilers on that book. That would be on me. But no, it's on the 'other writing' section, where what this person said doesn't belong.
So please, people, NEVER EVER EVER post spoilers on the internet. Because somebody will be trying to find something on an upcoming book by the author, and find your damn spoiler that you just HAD to post, and get really freaking pissed off.

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